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Joseph Calleja - Let the voices soar

If you haven’t heard of Joseph Calleja then stop reading this and go onto YouTube right now. Search the name, press play, turn up the volume and be prepared to be speechless as you’re swept away by a voice like no other on this planet.

One of Malta’s biggest stars, indeed if not THE biggest, his fans around the globe melt to the glorious harmony and strength in his voice and musical talents. Being commissioned to produce the stage for his concerts is one of our treasured annual events.

The locations are always tricky to work, whether at the Luxol Grounds or the Granaries (Il-Fosos) in Floriana. With a very short window in which to start the set up on the location, we usually have to work weeks ahead in our own warehouse to have the stage designed and developed in sections and then built on location in just a matter of days.

Isle of MTV

It has also become a well-known fact that many artists use this event as a launch pad for their careers. Lady Gaga kicked off her European appeal at this very event.

With stars like Steve Aoki, Enrique Iglesias, Snoop Dog, Kid Rock performing on our impressive stage and enjoying the special effects our team delivered, these events a big responsibility for our team but one we always meet head on.

Each year we provide the custom-built stage using hundreds of tons of steel. We also provided the canvas, providing thousands of square metres to cover the area. Along with this, we provide security scanning devices, kilometres of crowd control barriers, sanitary facilities, first aid areas, the VIP area, the dressing rooms and crew offices.


Summer Daze

The challenges facing our team for this event were numerous. We were dealing with a very large picnic area, in a gorgeous location on the islands known as ‘Ta Qali’. We knew there would be about 15,000 people attending this giant summer party. And we had to provide all the imaginable amenities to bring this event together.
We provided everything from the marquees to the numerous bars and food stalls. The sanitary facilities to the first aid areas. We ensured that safety paths were incorporated into our designs, giving event organisers total peace of mind that we had them covered in case of any type of eventuality. 
The stage, in tune with the overall concept had to hold two massive screens and the branding for this extraordinary festival.
The job was tough, but we love a good challenge. And the proof of our success was being asked to manage this event going forward for a number of years.