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Whilst we have worked with some of the largest production companies in the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood, one of our most recent projects was a local production called ‘The Boat’.

Nominated for Best Film Director at UK’s National Film Awards in 2019, this is the story of a lone fisherman who boards an abandoned sailboat.

One of the largest infinity water tanks in Europe, based at our very own Malta Film Studios, was the location for this production. We were commissioned to build a tent big enough, high enough and wide enough to cover the entire water tank. A massive mega-structure covering a 90x20m area and reaching up to 11m high.

This impressive tent effectively built a sound stage over the water tank and created a perfect location for this water-based film to be produced.

Just as the installation was completed over a record-breaking few days, Mother Nature in all her glory struck the islands with an awful storm and very strong winds. Heavy rain and wind speeds caused terrible damage to the tent, to the point where the Producer wanted to cancel the filming.

We took everything into consideration and advised the crew we could have the tent rebuilt in just two days. Working around the clock to keep our committed deadline, we were able to get the film production back on track.

When our TEC Malta says it can be done. We mean it will be done. And done well. That’s efficiency and professionalism, exactly the way it should be.

When our TEC Malta says it can be done. We mean it will be done.



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    July 28, 2016


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