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Event Production

Our professional team are skilled in the creative, technical and logistical implementation of all types of events. If you are planning a special wedding, a small private gathering, a large-scale conference or trade show, or even a music festival or concert – we can help you succeed in delivering an exceptional experience.

With years of expertise and a sharp eye for detail, we love finding innovative ways to inspire, entertain and ‘wow’ your guests. We can cater for all aspects of event production including pre-planning, co-ordination, lighting, décor, furniture, venue theming and styling, seating, stages, custom items, special effects, catering, sound, vision and entertainment.

Through our experience, we’ve come to realise that our clients are always looking for something a little different. With such amazing surroundings in Malta and Gozo, it would be a pity if we only limited ourselves to very specific venues. That’s why we became experts in finding solutions to some of the trickier locations on the island.

We can create your event on historic ground, out in the Mediterranean Sea or in one of our many state-of-the-art marquees.

Rentals - The largest selection of rental items available in the country.

If you can think of it – then we probably have it. In all shapes, sizes, colours and quantities.’

As we can offer all stock directly from our warehouse, we truly offer a one-stop-shop concept, removing the headache of needing to find additional suppliers. And find them at the last minute.

We can design, build, adapt and deliver outstanding event backdrops and stages. We can light, dress and supply everything from portable kitchens, bars, tables, sofas, carpets and chairs all the way down to tabletop items. We can build pools and rent cabin cruisers. There is no limit to the items we have available.

We also offer the best and biggest selection of marquees and tents. This includes being Malta’s only provider of stunning Dome Marquees in various sizes.

We also offer the best and biggest selection of marquees and tents. This includes being Malta’s only provider of stunning Dome Marquees in various sizes.

We have a wealth of experience in assisting both the film industry and MICE companies who are looking to rent tents, marquees, chairs, toilet facilities and so on.

Visit our catalogue for the full list of items we have available.

Customisation and Personalisation – two powerful words in the events arena.

We live in an age where audiences demand better and more breath-taking experiences. This goes beyond simply creating original event marketing and invitations, but to the actual event itself.

We managed the entire production of the thrilling Unite with Tomorrowland event, which included the biggest stage Malta has ever seen, with larger than life 3D features, towers, sculptures and moving sections. This 50m wide x 22m deep stage was designed and built in a very tight two-month timescale. And to budget.

No matter what event you are planning, even something as colourful and grand as our national carnival celebrations our team are excited to talk about your ideas.

Let us help you make your event more engaging and memorable.

Special Effects - add a dynamic element to your event.

Would you like to make sure every guest is positively amazed? Special effects can take your event to the next level and create the impact you have been looking for.

We will investigate the venue, the logistics and the required safety measures to provide you with creative proposals on how we can incorporate special effects into your event.

Here are just a few of the special effects we can offer:

Indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics
Stage special effects
Water screens and water walls
Professional RGB light and laser shows
Firing systems using the latest technology.
Confetti and sparkle showers

Talk to us about our special effects. Let’s ‘wow’ the crowds.

Stages & Platforms - Setting the stage for excellence.

We have designed, built and installed some of the most innovative and biggest stages this country has seen in recent years. This includes stages and backdrops for artists like Joseph Calleja, shows like Isle of MTV and festivals like Unite with Tomorowland. We also designed and constructed Malta’s largest floating stage on the Mediterranean Sea, an innovation we are exceptionally proud of.

Our team of skilled engineers can make sure the focal point of your concert, conference or festival, delivers the look, effect and the technicalities you are looking for.

We pay special attention to meeting full safety standards and accessibility. Materials are considered as well as the architecture of the stage set-up, ensuring the stage can withstand heavy equipment and trussing and almost anything that the weather might surprise us with last minute.

Our team at TEC also believe in looking after the locations entrusted to us. So we pay special attention to the dismantling process and leaving areas as tidy as we found them. This is especially important when we organize events in historical locations.

No matter the size of the venue, we can rent or design and build custom stages and backdrops in all shapes and sizes. And for all design concepts and themes.

From large events to smaller more intimate occasions, we can offer a multitude of stage solutions, adapted to your very specific needs.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll find the right solution.

Video Productions - Lights. Camera. Action.

Malta holds a special place in the movie world. Beautiful settings. Historical sights. Perfect weather and amazing sea. It’s the ideal destination for film makers around the world.

The demands on the logistics teams coordinating film productions are intense and time sensitive. Our experience working with studios like 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and MGM has shown us that film production teams are looking for three very specific things.

The availability of equipment and items to rent – delivered to each location as required and with the quantities they are needed in. We can provide Malta’s largest selection of tents which are ideal for housing extras, make-up teams or catering and dining facilities. Alongside this, we can provide any kind of equipment imaginable – including tools, machinery, carpeting, portable toilets, pools and crowd barriers. We will set up and then move location as required.

Custom items – designed and built to very precise specifications. From smaller backdrops or set dressing for an indoor scene to larger scale productions used for external areas, our team of inhouse engineers, carpenters and painters can make the magic happen.

Basecamp logistics – provided at our warehouse in Marsa, we can offer a large-scale storage facility for sets, costumes, auditions, vehicles and much more. We have on numerous occasions served as a base camp and then provided transport for actors and extras who need to be rushed down to set. We can even take care of supplying catering and laundry facilities.

One of our most recent projects was providing numerous equipment and logistics for The Boat, a local film fast gaining international recognition.

We’re experts in understanding what it’s like when you’re running against the clock. From experience, we know it’s not easy when you’re working on a production of any size. But with our team, rentals and facilities, you can have everything you need – all from one source.

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