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Beach Vibes

For long years we have been lucky to make your special days a pleasure to be involved in. Our path goes along with various wedding themes, ranging from a winter wonderland, and rustic touch to various beach weddings,  classical, receptions, bohemian celebrations, Indian ceremonies, and also completely custom weddings.  With us, one can easily pick up any location – a field, or a private garden, and we will turn it into your desired venue for your special day..  

Rustic Touch

The story continues with our Rustic Touch. Handmade with love, created from our soul - special decoration for your special day to be remembered.
Wooden warm look refreshed with a natural glow, white roses, and a special green wall.
Your imagination is our motivation.  

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time..... 
..... Imagining your wedding as a Fairy Tale?
You are reading the right lines. Glittering lights, soft linen, and wonderful decoration for your sweetest moments. Let's do the magic together and make your wishes come true.

Classic forever