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Why TEC?

Are you looking to impress, entertain, drive change or business, network or create a truly jaw-dropping experience? This is what TEC is fully equipped for and has the manpower of professionals to achieve this! we collaborate with both individuals and businesses alike, however large or small your event is.


At TEC we have our very own vast inventory that does not require us to hire any middlemen, guaranteeing the smooth operation of any event, no matter the obstacles, with quality and safety at the core of our values. We are backed up with over 10 years of experience in organising and executing successful events of all sizes with a reputation for creating truly impactful and memorable events at price points to match all budgets. Today we are the largest and leading event supplier on the islands.


Last but not least, our approach to our reporting and management system is strategic purposefully to identify any potential concerns or obstacles before the event to ensure everything runs smoothly, for this you can always rest assured that your event is in the right hands allowing our customers to sit back and relax because we get everything covered.

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What set us apart?

We make the impossible happen no matter the altitude or demand; we honour all our commitments and strive for excellence in both service and product, not because we have to but because we are passionate about what we do. With TEC, we ensure no headaches of coordinating with multiple suppliers as we have it all under one roof.


Our vast inventory and services range from tents and gazebos, all kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture and décor, printing including CNC cutting, security equipment, audio-visuals and special effects. Our team of in-house full-time artists, prop masters, carpenters, upholsterers, and welders, together with the management, have managed to change the way events were being done in the Maltese islands, whereby nothing is standard anymore; every event is given that personal touch, a customised prop, or a sofa upholstered in any colour. The sky is the limit!  


All our inventory is thoroughly cleaned, repainted when needed and sealed after each use so it can be readily available for the next use, even within short notice. Our inventory is truly vast, which will spoil you for choice!


At TEC, we are respectful towards our people, the community, our customers and their guests, and our environment.

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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