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About Us 

Being the largest and leading event supplier on the islands, TEC today is truly a one-stop shop. Our items range from tents of any size, various styles of tables and chairs, security equipment including barriers, audio, lighting, special effects, and literally everything one would need to plan - from a national event on the Granaries to a birthday party for 10 people – we have it all, from set-up to clean-up. 


 TEC was established in 2012, starting with a few people doing the work and the company's director giving a helping hand. Our company believes in growth by building your own people to be the best. Here at TEC, everything is built in-house, from marketing to manufacturing works. 


At TEC, we do the impossible; no matter the altitude or the demand, we deliver.  Having events at heart, we focus on coordination, management, logistics, and detail. Our team of décor experts will enhance your day by going into the tiniest of details. From innovative designs to customised décor, all are available, including colour ranges.  At TEC, we offer solutions whereby no mountain is too high to overcome.

Our Story

From a dream, a lot of thought, and a clear business acumen, our Managing Director, Charles Magro, has managed to establish TEC – The Events Company, from a one-man show to a one-stop shop … in only a few years.
Charles clearly states how the Events Industry was something that always fascinated him. He has always believed that Events are the fulcrum of life and that they bring that extra oomph to everyone’s existence. 
TEC was established in November 2012, starting with a few people administering the work with Charles always on the floor. Charles was there when the first tent was set up, the first small exhibition stand was being built, and the first 12,000 chairs were set up on The Granaries in Floriana for the first concert that TEC had managed to contract. Today he still always there for all of us.
Today TEC serves as a national hub that boasts a team of professionals who are trained to function. This ranges from handling many unexpected difficulties while organising an event or product launch, whether locally or overseas.
At TEC – The Events Company, we strive for growth by always investing and building our team to reach the pinnacles the thriving market requires.
TEC delivers – ALWAYS.
The Biggest Event is YOUR Life – let us make it a memorable one together!

Our Partners

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